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Why CCA Speaker Wires are the Better Option?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to combine the benefits and strengths of aluminium and copper in a single speaker wire? That’s what you get when you purchase a CCA speaker wire. Copper Clad AluminIum wire, or a CCA wire, as it’s commonly referred to, is a wire whose core is made of aluminium, while the outer surface is clad with copper. This combination enables you to get the best out of both worlds. 

Sounds impressive, right? It’s no wonder people around the world favor CCA speaker wires to all other types when budget is a concern. If you are still contemplating if you should choose a CCA speaker wire or not, below are some excellent reasons why CCA speaker wires are the best choice.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Speaker Wire

The importance of using quality wires for speakers cannot be overstated, as they dictate the quality, class, and lifespan of any speaker. As a result of its importance, you must make your choice rather carefully.

There are different types of speaker wires, all of which have their pros and cons. The qualities of these wires also differ according to the materials they are made of. When buying a speaker wire, always check the properties and specifications of the wire in terms of strength, capacity, quality, and material type. You must check to determine how much power it can handle, the material it is made of, and of course, the price. Copper-clad aluminium wires are pretty popular due to their numerous advantages over other speaker wire types. 

Benefits of Copper-Clad Aluminium Speaker Wires

If you are concerned about the best choice of speaker wire when planning to buy one, below are some of the reasons you should choose CCA wires.

  • Value for Money

Unlike speaker wires that are made of copper, CCA wires are much less expensive. Yet, you get to enjoy almost all of the benefits you can derive from a 100% copper wire, including resistance to corrosion, reliability, and durability.

  • Great Quality

In terms of quality, CCA wires outperform 100% aluminium wires, which is a significant upgrade from the regular aluminium wires. With CCA speaker wires, you get to enjoy the different benefits associated with copper wires, including high-quality signal frequency. Our wires have undergone rigorous stress testing to ensure optimum performance.

  • They are Light and Flexible

Unlike pure copper speaker wires, CCA speaker wires are pretty light, making them flexible and easy to work with, especially when using your hands.

  • Sound Quality and Conduction

CCA speaker wires have a superb sound quality and great conductors. They also offer equal signal frequencies, corrosion, and resistance reliability as copper wires.

What Are You Looking For?

Are you searching for where to get excellent quality speaker wires? Look no further. Our 18 gauge 1mm CCA speaker wires are the perfect speaker wire for you! If you want something for power applications, you can check out our 12 gauge wires and everything in between. 

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