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If you have ever had to replace your car speaker wire yourself, you would understand how difficult and confusing the task can be. It is no surprise that people who haven’t done it see it as an impossible task. However, auto speaker wire replacement is no rocket science, and you will find that it is pretty easy and straightforward once you have the right instructions. We’ve provided the detailed steps for replacing car speaker wires. All you need now is to unleash the DIYer in you!

When to Replace Your Car Speaker Wire

There are several situations where replacing your car speaker wires becomes necessary. Some of such situations are as follows;


  • It should be replaced when the wire wears out or become sprayed due to overuse of the wire or long-term usage.
  • It should be replaced when the speaker starts making cracking sounds or suddenly stops working for no obvious reason.
  • It should be replaced when your speaker wire fails to meet the quality requirements of a good speaker wire.


You should note that the failure to replace your car speaker wire could have some terrible consequences such as;


  • You may experience a short circuit, which could eventually damage your speaker or car stereo.
  • Failure to replace bad speaker wires would cause your car speakers to crack.
  • Bad speaker wires have direct effects on the sound quality of your car speaker and stereo.


Step by Step Guide to Replace Your Car Speaker Wires

With the right instructions, car speaker wire replacement is very easy. If not followed properly, however, you may cause some costly damages to the car speaker. Follow these simple steps to replace your car speaker wires without any glitches.

Step 1. Detach the Radio from the Dashboard

To remove the radio, check the stereo unit or central console and detach the trim panel around them.

Step 2. Pull Out the Speakers from Your Car Door

You can easily use a flat-end screwdriver to help disassemble the door panels. Once the door panel is removed, you can then unscrew the car speakers and detach the wires.

Step 3. Cut the New Speaker Wires to the Right Size

When cutting the car speaker wire, you intend to use it, and it is important that you that the wires are long enough; otherwise, such wires useless. To be on the safe side, you should try to add an extra 15 inches to the original length. 

Step 4. Connect the Insulation with the Amplifier or the Head Unit Insulation 

To connect these two, strip the tip of the insulation, and connect the stripped end with any wire in the amplifier. Ensure the connection point is stable and isolated, which can be achieved by soldering the joined point.

Step 5. Connect the Wires to the Speaker

When trying to connect the wires to the speaker, make sure that the wires you are connecting to all speaker locations are properly separated.

Step 6. Reinstall the Speaker Wires

Once all connections are successful, reassemble the speakers on the door panel, and reattach the radio to the dashboard.

To ensure a clean and safe wire job, always make sure to hide the wire connections under your car floorboard properly. You should also ensure that you pay close attention to the colors of each wire to avoid electrical mishaps.

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